American College of Education

American College of Education

Students Come First

American College of Education is a private, online for-profit college focused on education, healthcare, and nursing.

Since our founding in 2005, our mission is to provide you with an affordable, high-quality education to advance your career. We put your needs first to help you achieve your goals, both personal and professional. We also prepare you to serve in your community and become a leader in your field.

American College of Education is proud to offer accredited graduate and certificate programs and courses. Accreditation guarantees that educational institutions meet rigorous quality standards. That means you can trust the caliber of our programs and graduate with confidence that your academic achievement matters. Our coursework is grounded in evidence-based theories and real-world situations to help you apply your learning right away.

ACE delivers 100% online degrees and courses giving you relevant skills now and tools to advance your career going forward. Whether you’re completing your bachelor’s degree or advancing in your field through a doctoral degree, our distinguished faculty and 24/7 support resources are here for your success, at an affordable cost. Find your program and achieve your goals!

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The American College of Education Scholarship Fund will support students in funding their tuition in order to attend programs at American College of Education.